Spina Beer Plants – Palermo

Do you want a draft beer plant for your restaurant?

You are in the right place!

We have the best domestic and foreign beer brands


Our Specialist Beer is at your disposal and will follow you step by step

Economic growth

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we ensure a substantial development of beer sales in your business


We are the leading company on plug systems in Palermo

24 barons on tap

Discover the Best Craft Beer of Southern Italy

24 Barons
24 Barons

We have the best plug plant technologies available on the market

Carlsberg plants
Carlsberg plants
Peroni plants
Installations Peroni
Heineken implants
Installations Heineken

Carlsberg Draughtmaster facilities


The technology that aims at eco-sustainability

Draftmaster Select 10 lt
Draughtmaster Flex 20 lt
Draughtmaster Modular 20 lt

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Peroni plants

Peroni column

Service material and visibility for your venue

Peroni plants

Over counter machine with 12 liter drum

Suitable for retail outlets with limited space

Cool the product immediately

The drums must not be pre-cooled

Heineken bench implants

Blade, the new countertop system by Heineken, a new experience of draft beer in an 8-liter keg.

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